law of attraction

The law of attraction is the belief that people and their thoughts are made from energy. People can improve their lives in so many ways by attracting energy. 

Have you ever considered how this could work? Or heard people saying things like, ‘Put it out to the Universe if you want something’?

It doesn’t work quite like that though. Just saying that you want something does not necessarily mean you will get it. If it were true, we would all be extremely healthy and be millionaires. 

So there are requirements that need some energy from us before we can genuinely ask for something.

It may not necessarily be true, but give it a go and see what happens.

1. First of all you need to be specific. If it’s health, be really specific about how you want your health to be. If it’s happiness, what specifically do you want to be happy about? It’s no good saying you want to be happy about everything in life because that is an impossibility. Disagree? What about the times you hear or read something really sad that makes others unhappy? Could you genuinely stay happy during that time when you are aware that others are suffering? If it’s money you need, again be specific about what you need the money for. What good will it do you and others?

2. If you asked for health, are you doing all you can do to improve your health with the way you eat and exercise? No good wishful thinking. You have to collaborate with the universe if you want to attract good health. 

3. Are you looking for a relationship, or wanting to improve the one you have? If you compare past poor relationships, and expect the same thing to happen to you in future relationships, you probably will end up with a similar relationship to one in the past. You can visualise yourself talking to someone about a new relationship you have begun. It won’t work if you try to visualise the new relationship if you have not yet met them. Just imagine how excited you could feel about meeting someone new.

Sceptical or cynical?

Scepticism means you have an open mind and would be willing to have a go. Cynical means you believe in very little and have a mind that is shut down. These exercises would never work for you.

It does no harm to believe in the law of attraction and it can do a lot of good. How pleased would you be if something good came about from your belief that you can attract energy?

What do you think?