Looking after your mental health

What really is depression? There are so many levels of what might be termed depression. Who hasn't got up in the morning and looked out to a grey sky and rain, and felt a bit depressed? Sun and blue sky makes us feel better straight away. That's just feeling a bit down in the dumps, but something happens and then we feel better. The next level of depression could be when we are experiencing severe anxiety, and we have not found a solution to our problems. We might go on for some time feeling miserable. Nothing makes us feel better. We [...]

Warning – the side effects of hypnotherapy

If you’ve ever thought about visiting a hypnotherapist, you may have wondered about the possible side effects of hypnotherapy. Most of the drugs we take have side effects which need to be understood. Hopefully the side effects are more than compensated for by the positive effects of the drug. So what are the positive side effects of hypnotherapy? During hypnosis, sometimes people: feel a lightness or heaviness feel a tingling or dissociation from the body laughing These are all normal effects which show that the therapy is working. Most of the time you will just feel relaxed and in a [...]

Help young people to stop smoking

I was listening to Radio Norfolk yesterday about an initiative to help young people to stop smoking. Young people are not interested in the risks of smoking unfortunately because we probably all have felt invincible at times. It's only when we get older we start to worry about the effects of any damaging things we have done to ourselves. What concerned me most though was there seemed to be conflicting advice about what GPs are telling patients. Some said if pregnant women felt anxious about stopping smoking they should continue. This advice seemed to be ridiculous. What doctor in their [...]

Reduce the stress, lose the weight

If you are stressed and worried, then losing weight can be difficult. For some, stress stops them eating and reduces appetite. For others though, stress makes them eat more, either bingeing or eating at inappropriate times, and eating when real hunger is not present. Hypnotherapy genuinely removes stress, and working through what causes stress. This helps to resolve past issues and allows your mind and body to work together naturally. You really can reduce the stress, lose the weight. This is what a recent client had to say: "I kept wondering why I could not lose weight no matter what [...]

Smoking – stop and stay stopped for good

You say you enjoy smoking, but you know most of the time you don't. You hate the stale smell you can taste and others can smell. Each time you have a cigarette, you are reminded on some conscious or unconscious level, that it is harming you. You are self harming. You became addicted for one reason or another, and easily got into it, but are not finding it so easy to stop. You don't like the idea that smoking controls you, and makes you do what it says you should do. You would like to be free from it. Released [...]

Are you suffering from discontentment?

There is an epidemic out there! No it is not Swine Flu, and you cannot take any drug to eliminate it. The epidemic is discontentment. It does not affect everyone. Some people are immune to it, and no matter how many people they are around or what they hear or see on the radio or TV, they never pick this virus up. They truly are contented people, no matter how rich or poor they are. Contentment for them may mean enjoying each moment of every day. They count their blessings, even when they do not have the material possessions that [...]

Depression and anger have lasting effects on teenagers

This article from the Daily Mail says that depression and anger as a teenager can affect your love life 25 years later //ow.ly/x0zON If you or anyone you know is affected by this issue I can help www.joygower.co.uk  

Leading doctors and researchers reveal what they would personally avoid

This article from Daily Mail Health online reveals the medical treatments the experts REFUSE to have themselves. //dailym.ai/1iuuO1D