Addictions and Compulsions

There are many forms of addiction, and the more obvious ones are smoking, alcohol, drugs, and addictions to certain foods. There is also a new form of addiction that appears to be spreading fast and that is internet pornography.

More and more people are becoming addicted to it and it causes just as much heartache within families as any other kinds of addiction. Young women are reporting that men treat them badly and expect them to behave in the same way as the women they see on the internet porn sites.

The truth is, that all addictions are just illusions of the mind, which means that it is not real and not how the person really wants to behave. Alcohol shuts out unwanted thoughts for a while, as do drugs and overeating or binge eating, but it is short lived and an illusion.

Someone who has any kind of addiction or compulsion that is not wanted has an anxiety within them, and is not feeling at peace or in balance. No one truly in their right mind would harm themselves deliberately, or have any kind of death wish through smoking or taking drugs, and yet they seem to be unable to do anything about it.

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming help to change the distortions in the mind and create a new way of thinking. It may help to see it as some faulty programming going on in your mind which needs to be re-programmed.

All my therapy is based on how you would like to think, feel and behave. It is important that you know how you would like to be in your future, so that I can personalise your therapy to exactly what you want to achieve.

The types of addictions I can help with include; smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, internet porn, self-harming, compulsive shopping and OCD.






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