Looking after your mental health

What really is depression? There are so many levels of what might be termed depression. Who hasn't got up in the morning and looked out to a grey sky and rain, and felt a bit depressed? Sun and blue sky makes us feel better straight away. That's just feeling a bit down in the dumps, but something happens and then we feel better. The next level of depression could be when we are experiencing severe anxiety, and we have not found a solution to our problems. We might go on for some time feeling miserable. Nothing makes us feel better. We [...]

Feeling depressed by Black Friday?

First of all we have adopted Halloween from America and now Black Friday. What an awful name and how comes it seems to last for at least a week? As if we don't get enough sales throughout the year. If you're feeling depressed by Black Friday, or by the thought of Christmas, or just because of the weather, then I can help. A session or two of hypnotherapy can help to change those feelings for good. And just as an incentive to take action now I will offer you 10% off my usual fee if you contact me to make [...]