Relationship Counselling

If you are experiencing relationship problems, you might find it really useful to consider counselling. Read the following FAQs to determine whether this is right for you.

No, a good therapist will allow you to speak freely, and only the things you want to say.
This kind of therapy uses techniques that can help you to resolve issues and become more aware of how you behave toward each other. The therapist cannot solve your issues, but guides you toward realisations.
Counselling and therapy helps you to move on more easily than if you were to just try to soldier on by yourselves.
This can sometimes happen, articularly if the therapist is not experienced or qualified enough. They may transfer their own emotional problems onto their clients. An experienced therapist who has plenty of good training will aim to create good rapport with both partners. If a partner will not attend, the therapist can still help the other partner.
Counselling is useful as it allows you to talk. The kind of therapy I offer uses not only talking, but Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and relaxation techniques will help you to take a more balanced view of your relationship, have some clarity about your future, and deal with things more positively.






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