Hypnotherapy is effective in helping most of life’s issues such as anxiety, stress, self-confidence, depression, addictions and compulsions, weight loss, stop smoking, self-esteem, and many others. Below are some of the issues I deal with regularly, but contact me if there is anything else that is stopping you from leading a better life and let me tell you how I can help.

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Does the fear of flying or travelling put you off booking holidays? Do you want to be slimmer so that you can look your best on the beach? Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to overcome your fears and anxieties. You may be looking at this website because you want to make some changes.

Ask yourself if there is anything stopping you from going forward, and leaving behind those old fears and anxieties?

There are many forms of addictions, and the more obvious ones are smoking, alcohol, drugs, and addictions to certain foods. There is a new form of addiction that appears to be spreading fast and that is internet pornography.

More and more people are becoming addicted to it and it causes just as much heartache within families as any other kinds of addictions. Young women are reporting that men treat them badly and expect them to behave in the same way as the women they see on the internet porn sites.

The truth is, that all addictions are just illusions of the mind, which means that it is not real and not how the person really wants to behave. Alcohol shuts out unwanted thoughts for a while, as do drugs and overeating or binge eating, but it is short lived and an illusion.

Someone who has any kind of addiction or compulsion that is not wanted has an anxiety within them, and is not feeling at peace or in balance. No one truly in their right mind would harm themselves deliberately, or have any kind of death wise through smoking or taking drugs, and yet they seem to be unable to do anything about it.

Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming help to change the distortions in the mind and creates a new way of thinking. It may help to see it as some faulty programming going on in your mind and that it needs to be re-programmed.

All my therapy is based on how you would like to think, feel and behave. It is important that you know how you would like to be in your future, so that I can personalise your therapy to exactly what you want to achieve.

The types of addictions I can help with include; smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet porn, self-harming, compulsive shopping and OCD.

You may have been reading for many years that the only real successful way to get rid of unwanted pounds is to change your lifestyle. It may be that you don’t really want to read that, and instead want a quick fix.

Even real gastric bands are not really the quick fix forever, unless of course you want the band to stay on forever and have to eat very small amounts and restrict severely what you do eat. Most people’s eating problems lie in the fact that it is a psychological problem. If you eat because you are bored, need comfort, or want to punish yourself, then it is a compulsion.

I have been specialising in weight control since 1989, and have helped hundreds of people to re-programme their minds. Many people have reported that they no longer think about being on a ‘diet’ but are just making healthier choices in what they eat, so never feel deprived. Hypnosis and other powerful techniques can help you change your attitude, and also help to increase your confidence even more.

We often have beliefs about food which can be negative, and sometimes use food to comfort us even when we are not hungry. My programme will help to eliminate negative beliefs and allow you to understand your eating patterns. We all like to be in control of what we do in both mind and body – I can show you how.

An eating disorder means having a problem with food, and can manifest itself as  overeating, binge eating, bulimia (making yourself sick), anorexia, or difficulties in eating certain types of food.

Behind this, and any compulsive behaviour lies anxiety and fear. If you think an eating disorder you may be aware of what makes you anxious. The ongoing problem will certainly make you anxious, or perhaps it is past experiences that have caused you to lose confidence within yourself and in turn the behaviour you do continues, so you end up with a Catch 22 situation

The first step to recovery is to help you to overcome the anxieties, and to feel more confident that you can really overcome the problem. The second part is to create a new future for you without the problem. Some eating disorders require longer-term therapy, but after talking to your therapist, you have an idea of what you can look forward to.

Imagine that your stomach could be smaller so you would naturally eat less!

Most of our problems with eating are not caused by eating the wrong foods. It’s because we eat too much for our body to cope with, and if we eat too many calories our bodies store  and we will gain weight.

So, is it a simple equation – eat less, lose weight?

Not really, because to many people food is more than just fuel: sometimes we associate food with emotions – sad, happy, fed up, not in control of situations. Our stomach expects more food because we have stretched it too much. We feel it’s ‘not fair’ that we can’t eat what we want

And then there are those ‘messages’ from our past: ‘Eat everything on your plate’, ‘There are starving children in the world’. These messages can affect our beliefs and values around food. If you are seriously considering using a virtual gastric band to enable you to eat less, you need to believe that: ‘You can eat less and become slimmer’.

As a result of this treatment you will be able to enjoy all foods, but just eat less of them, and feel totally satisfied with the amount you do eat. You can begin to exercise your body to tone it up by doing the exercises that are right for you and that you are happy doing. You deserve to be slimmer and wear the clothes you want to wear.

Virtual Gastric Band will take you through a virtual operation so that you feel as though your stomach is much smaller and therefore it is no hardship to eat less and lose weight consistently.

Even more importantly – you will remain slimmer. Having allowed your stomach to become smaller, you will keep it that way and if you try to eat too much you will feel very uncomfortable and overfull.

Over a series of between three and five sessions, depending on how much weight you have to lose, hypnosis changes your attitudes and lifestyle. You will lose weight and feel great as you get into control of your mind and body.

For clients with serious emotional issues and disorders, the virtual gastric band will only be used once the issues are dealt with in the first few sessions. This is a vital part of the process, because the virtual gastric band will not work if the old emotions are stronger than the new beliefs at this time.

You can either pay at each session, or in advance, whatever is suitable for you. Most clients prefer to pay as they go, so that they can see the benefit from each session.

Free two year guarantee!

I have helped many people to stop smoking. You have to want to stop, of course, and if you are serious about giving up the habit hypnotherapy will help you to re-programme your mind.

If you agree with the following statements, then hypnosis is not for you:

  • I love smoking, love the taste, even first thing in the morning
  • I don’t care about the effects smoking can have on my body
  • The smell on your hair, clothes and breath does not bother me
  • I don’t care about the effects that passive smoking may have on my children or family (passive smoking can come from your clothes and hair, even if you smoke outside)

On the other hand, if you are:

  • Disgusted by the way smoking makes you smell
  • If the taste in the morning or at any other time is horrible
  • If you respect your body and want to live a long and healthy life
  • If you care about the effects it may have on your children or family, and want to be around to see them grow up …

…then hypnosis will work well for you, because it will fit in with your belief that you do want to stop smoking. You have become addicted to something you loathe and want it out of your life.

Consider all of these points before making an appointment with me. The best hypnotherapist in the world cannot stop you smoking if you don’t really want to. Make sure you are stopping for you and not because someone tells you to. You are no different to other addicted smokers who have successfully given up the habit for good and would never want to put another cigarette in their mouth ever again, including me!

Once you decide you want some help to stop smoking, give me a call and we can go from there. When you come for your appointment, you will be asked to refrain from smoking for at least three hours before. This is because you want evidence that you no longer wish to smoke when the session has ended.

You will receive two hypnosis sessions, after which you will take away a CD which will then reinforce your new beliefs as a non-smoker. You have a guarantee that if you return to smoking for any reason within two years, you are entitled to return for another session – free of charge.

How many other therapists offer you such a long guarantee?!






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