One to One Courses

One to One NLP Training

Many people are becoming more and more curious about NLP. They begin by reading some books, and realise how powerful NLP can be when training your mind to run the right way.

Initially, when NLP was first introduced into this country, there were some people who thought it might be some kind of brain washing. Nothing could be further from the truth. NLP is about learning how to think, feel and behave in a more useful way. We run our brains through experiences, beliefs and values. Many can be useful and work well. Others can limit us in so many ways, and reduce our choices in life.

Practitioners of NLP come from all walks of life. Mums and dads who want to understand their children more and help them to become more successful in life, through study or sports. NLP can help children with certain learning disorders, Aspergers, ADHD, and children lacking in confidence. It could even be said that NLP is a training manual for parents.

Doctors and nurses often learn NLP to understand their patients even more. Salesmen, the civil service, the corporate market, and of course practitioners and coaches who use the skills alongside the skills they are already using.

The list is exhaustive, so in essence, anyone who wants to run their brain in a more useful way in any area of their lives can gain by training in NLP.

The beauty of training on a one to one level is that you can choose how quick or how long you want the training to be, so you have control of training hours. Mostly I train in two hour sessions, but we can adjust training times to suit you, either day times or evenings. I even provide a willing volunteer so that you can have first hand experience of how the techniques work successfully. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so having first hand experience is vital if you are to feel confident in the skills being taught. There is also some assignment work to be completed in between the one to one sessions.

There are 8 sessions included in the training with ongoing support and supervision during the course and after qualification.

During each training module we evaluate any previous training and understanding which allows you to feel completely confident with all the techniques. The benefits of one to one training is that you have intensive training and feel confident enough to go through exercises that may take some more understanding.

  • Introduction to NLP and the theory
  • Setting the goals and assignment work
  • An opportunity to discuss how NLP can help you and the people you may use the skills with
  • Understanding how we use representational systems and eye movements that affect the way we think and behave
  • Using sensory acuity, we learn how the verbal and non verbal cues and language gives us an insight as to how we and others do what we do
  • Resourceful states and anchoring to relive positive memories
  • Learning the ability to maintain a resourceful state in many situations
  • Changing a perception of how we think about a situation
  • Creating a compelling future using visualisation skills
  • Decision making for future experiences.
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Getting rid of old habits and behaviours by reprogramming your mind
  • New strategies for the compelling future. In search of excellence in work or presentations, interviews or sports performance
  • Language patterns that influence people through communication
  • Using metaphors and stories that influence unconsciously
  • Hypnotic language and self-hypnosis
  • Working with volunteers to practice your new skills
  • Evaluation of assignments and practical work
  • Consolidation of all skills
  • Final evaluation working with trainer and a volunteer

The investment for this course is £1,250. Payment can either be full payment before the course commences which will include a discount of £50, or a deposit of £250 followed by £125 for each of the modules.


Other One To One Courses Available

We offer this one to one training in Hypnotherapy to anyone who wishes to learn the practical skills of hypnotherapy without taking the full Hypnotherapy and NLP Diploma course.

This may suit therapists who wish to add hypnotherapy to their existing skills, those who have trained elsewhere and wish to brush up on their skills and become even better therapists, or those who have already completed an NLP Practitioner course and just want to learn hypnotherapy skills and techniques.

The course is flexible and can be arranged at times to suit you. There are no written assignments but you will be given practical assignments to do between training.

The investment for this course is £1,250.

Contact us if this is something that may interest you.

This course is suitable for those practitioners who are looking for further training to increase their NLP skills even further, either one to one or in group sessions.

The training is experiential, and there will be training from the tutor, and demonstrations from the learner. You will know what to expect for each module from the syllabus in a clear and precise way. We don’t use jargon, so each module clearly identifies the learning. There will be some assignments set during the course.

If you would like to take NLP further in a practical way, then this course will be suitable for you. You may be asked to demonstrate some techniques so that we can assess your previous learning. You will be asked to complete some assignments and case studies. Your trainer will train exactly what is on the syllabus. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions both during the course and through supervision. You will have the opportunity to attend practitioner modules and present some aspects of NLP if you would like to.

Once the course has been completed you will also have the opportunity to be associated with Joy Gower Training, and also have the opportunity of completing Trainer Training which would enable you to create your own NLP courses.

Most Master Practitioner modules will be therapeutic in content. Should you wish to complete your training one to one, then the course can be trained around your needs and expectations.

The investment for this course is £1,495

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very useful tool for any therapist to have as part of their skill set. I train EFT with my students during the Healing module, and can also train EFT with any practising therapist who would like to add this to their skills.

Nineteen years ago, when I qualified, my first CPD training was in EFT. At that time, and perhaps still now, it is trained over a one or two day course. I thought it was totally unnecessary, as it is a skill that can be learned very quickly and then practised with on real clients.

If you are looking for a new skill, then I can train this in two hours. You will understand the principle of EFT along with the history, and experience practical demonstrations, and how it can be useful for many problems that clients present with.

If this is something that you would like to explore please contact us.