Training podcasts

1. How to choose a hypnotherapy training course

Joy Gower explains what to look for when you are choosing a hypnotherapy and NLP course, and also if you are a potential client looking for a hypnotherapist.

2. Why do Joy Gower Training courses offer such good value for money?

Joy Gower explains why the courses she offers are such good value. This is because you get two separate certificates in both Hypnotherapy and NLP. Both certificates are externally accredited by NCFE.

3. High quality training and why it’s so important

Joy Gower of Joy Gower Training explains why it is so important to get the best quality training in Hypnotherapy and NLP. There are many schools that offer basic training, but to succeed as a therapist you need all the skills you can get and lots of practice so that you are ready to treat clients.

4. Why is Joy Gower one of the best hypnotherapy training providers?

Joy explains why her training courses are some of the best in East Anglia. Joy has many years of experience as a therapist, and is also a certified trainer in hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. She is also an accredited supervisor.

5. What qualities do you need to become a hypnotherapist?

The main quality you need to become a hypnotherapist is to like people and to want to help them. This is far more important than academic qualifications. The right training will provide all the skills you need to help people more effectively and to get great results.