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As well as running Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP training programmes, I am happy to help individual hypnotherapy clients. If you would like to talk to me about a particular issue then please contact me via the Contact page or give me a call.

Below are some of the issues I deal with, but please contact me if there is anything else that is stopping you from leading a better life and we can have an informal chat about how I can help.

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Some people become confused about what NLP actually is. In simple terms, it is a model that therapists learn to help themselves and their clients to overcome negative and habitual thinking patterns. By using the right language, it allows clients to go deeper into the unconscious to come up with new resources and solutions to problems you have not yet found ways of dealing with.

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Addictions and Compulsions

There are many forms of addiction, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and addictions to certain foods. There is also a new form of addiction that appears to be spreading fast and that is internet pornography.

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Relationship Counselling

If you are experiencing relationship problems, you might find it really useful to consider counselling.

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When we are ill physically or emotionally, our energy system is blocked. In a similar way when our immune system is not functioning properly we are more liable to pick up viruses and infections. By using EFT the practitioner can show you how to release the blockages so that you can feel that sense of freedom.

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PLR (Past Life Regression)

In some ways this last year has had many of us thinking we would rather be on another planet or another life.

Some of us believe that we may have lived before, and have a particular affinity with an era.
I have always had an affinity with the 1930s, the era, the people and the houses. I feel at home in a thirties house, whether my own or other people’s houses.
Some people call it belonging, they they feel more at home when they think of another era, and that they don’t belong to this present time.
It’s of interest to some people to explore the possibility of living another life or lives before this life. Exploring a past life can be really therapeutic for many people, as it often resolves issues in this life.
Naturally cynical people will disbelieve we might have lived before, and that is their choice. For others they believe we have lived before and have been sent back to this life because there are lessons to learn.
Despite what you might have seen on TV about past lives, going back to another life is not like watching a film of yourself or being in a film. It’s more like having sensations, feelings and knowledge. Experiencing a past life the first time can be quite sketchy, you may or may not know whether you are in our own country or another country, or what year it might be. You maybe aware of what clothes you are wearing, what colour your skin is and whether you are male or female.
You get to explore what your life was like, and how you lived your life. Understanding what you learned from that life is a major part of the experience and what learning you can take into this life.
The session begins with an hypnotic trance if you have not experienced one before, and then we go into trance again to take you back to a time before this life.

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