Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is a technique developed from acupressure. It means that when we are ill physically or emotionally, our energy system is blocked. In a similar way when our immune system is not functioning properly we are more liable to pick up viruses and infections.
Action is always needed when our body tells us that something is wrong, and to live with fears and anxiety is not healthy.

By using EFT the practitioner can show you how to release the blockages so that you can feel that sense of freedom.

EFT works well with negative emotions, panic attacks and behaviours that are not good for you, along with compulsions and addictions. Used regularly, it can help to reduce discomforts in the body.

Your practitioner will show you how it is used, and instruct you how to use it for yourself when you have left the session. Provided you use it regularly you will notice the results.






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