Choosing a Training School

5 Reasons for choosing Joy Gower Training

  1. We are the only training company in Norfolk to award certifications accredited by ACCPH
  2. We offer individual flexible training rather than group training
  3. Demonstrations by trainers who are highly experienced
  4. Full supervision during the course and after course care and support

How do you know which training provider will be the best for you?

Many students leave other courses with little experience and confidence. It is not enough to only have 1 training session per month and then be left to your own devices to gain experience. Joy Gower training offers you supervision to ensure you are making good progress.

There are many questions you will want to ask before you commit to paying for any course. It is vital that you receive the best training. Your clients are worth it.

Before you decide to sign up for a Hypnotherapy course check out this video:

We’ve created a series of podcasts on YouTube to help you decide which training provider is right for you.

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This may give you some guidelines when choosing the right provider for you. Hypnotherapy courses are being offered in greater numbers all the time. You can choose between short term or longer term courses.

In practical terms, the first question to ask yourself is what kind of training do you want? You may be quite clear to start with, or you may want to gather some information. Do you want an externally certified course by people who don’t know you but assess the work you have done throughout the course? This may be an important factor for you if you would prefer your work to be externally assessed. Most hypnotherapy bodies promote externally accredited courses rather than a training provider who gives you one of their own certificates.

The cost of the course is an obvious consideration and where the training takes place in terms of convenience. Where is the training venue? If you are going to spend a considerable time at the venue, it needs to be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Clients need a place where they can relax, so it follows that when you are practising, you too need a comfortable place.

How does the course fit in with your commitments? What happens if you have to miss a module?

Even more important perhaps are the trainers who will be training you for the whole course. The trainers will have a big influence on the course. Some trainers will have experience in the media, or will impress you with the fact that they are trained with international trainers. Most good trainers don’t need to impress you, other than that they have years of experience and are passionate about their work.

Perhaps the most important fact is your own personal feelings. You can find out as much as possible when you speak to the trainers. If the trainers are not easily accessible before the course to speak to, it may be that you will not get enough support either during the course or post course. A good quality training provider will offer supervision both during the course and after graduating. You should be able to easily contact trainers during the course, either by telephone or email. Larger training providers have administrators you can speak to, but they may not necessarily be familiar with the course you are taking.

This can be a rewarding career for you, although we prefer not to advertise for students whose only motivation is for how much money they will make. We would rather you be passionate about the career move and then work toward the financial rewards.

Using your intuition, you will be able to recognise whether the course you choose is right for you.