past life regression therapy

Do you believe in past life regression? For some people they do believe they have lived before. Whether it’s a feeling of deja vu or experiencing a connection with places or people, it feels like they have lived before this life.

Sceptics might say that people who believe in a past life are not fulfilled in this life, and perhaps it gives them a sense of purpose to think they have lived before. That they are making it up like a story that they would have liked to have lived. Perhaps whoever they have been in another life was important, and because the life they have now is not important in their perception, they make up a life that was important.

What is important though is a person’s belief system. If someone has a belief in a past life, it is not for anyone to criticise or demean that belief.

Some people are curious to know if they have lived before, and just want to explore the possibility of knowing. Others struggle with certain aspects of their lives, and would like the opportunity to know whether a past life has any connections to this life they have.

After 18 years of practice, I have never met anyone who thought they were Cleopatra, nor any famous or infamous people from a past life with clients. Some people have fascination with other countries. One client felt sure she had lived another life in Afghanistan, and would happily live there now if it were not for political unrest.

Another client was determined to find a past life connected to the Old Bailey. He was a lawyer in this life but liked to think he was a judge in another life. He went away very disappointed to find that he did indeed have a past life connected to the Old Bailey, but as a criminal on the wrong side of the law. He had appeared at the Old Bailey in 1907.

Experiencing a past life can often resolve problems that we experience in this life. Like the man who was so painfully shy and could not talk to women easily or chat them up. In his past life he had been a soldier who had died in a war before he had time to get to know women or form any relationships with them. He had been killed by a sword in his back.

He explained later that he was often aware of protecting his back and he never knew why. Whatever beliefs he held about a past life, or anyone else’s beliefs, it seemed to do the trick because he left my practice, called into a pub and chatted up two women there. Problem resolved.

I’ll be interested to have your comments, whether you believe in past lives or not.