Master Classes

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As therapists, we can often miss those vital clues in our clients’ non-verbal communication.

This Master Class will train you in the 7 universal facial expressions that give away many of these clues.

How often have you misinterpreted what your client says, or your client says one thing, but an expression says something else?

I will be showing the 7 universal expressions recognised by Dr Paul Eckman. You will have the opportunity to practice your recognition of those expressions through a series of photographs of facial expressions which will test your powers of observation in a fun way.

We will also experiment with advanced language patterns which allow your clients’ thought processes to change more rapidly.

This master class is specially designed for newly qualified therapists or therapists who would like more in depth knowledge of how to be even more successful with stop smoking sessions. You can benefit from this if you would like to increase your confidence, or if you have lost some confidence with stop smoking sessions.

You will learn to:

  • Create a strong belief with your client that can lead to success
  • Create a strong yes set by using powerful language patterns
  • Scripts that work
  • Increase your own personal confidence by using effective resourceful states

This master class will help you to explore regression in more depth. Many people still want to deal with past emotional experiences or find resolutions from negative events.

On this master class you will learn:

  • Exploring your own limiting beliefs that may still be holding you back from achieving the success you desire
  • Different models of regression including Gestalt, Time Line Regression Therapy, Watkins Affect Bridge, and other associated regressions
  • How to explain to clients the importance of regression and the benefits in a positive and constructive way
  • Create a four session programme which empowers the client and deals with past perceptions and attitudes
  • How to re-enforce new behaviours and thinking patterns

This master class allows therapists to explore past lives for themselves, and to take clients into past lives.

It is not absolutely necessary to totally believe in past lives, but of course if you want to work with your clients beliefs. If you have an open mind, it is more beneficial when using this therapeutic tool.

You will learn:

  • How to discuss the possibilities of a past life, or lives, before this one with clients
  • How to deepen the trance or create trance states with new clients so that they can connect with their unconscious mind
  • Make an experience with past lives enjoyable for clients who are curious
  • Understand how past lives can influence our behaviours today, and how we can help clients to overcome those behaviours today, and how we can help clients to overcome those behaviours.