What do you need to give up?

What do you need to give up? Do you often think you should be giving up something? Often you might think of giving up certain foods, or giving up eating too much. Sometimes overeating can be a symptom of other issues that could be going on in your life. Examples could be conflict either in work, with family or friends. When we feel stressed, or unable to deal with the conflict, or even be forced to continue relationships with those people you would rather give up. Many people say when they end a relationship they feel a huge release. They have [...]

Reduce the stress, lose the weight

If you are stressed and worried, then losing weight can be difficult. For some, stress stops them eating and reduces appetite. For others though, stress makes them eat more, either bingeing or eating at inappropriate times, and eating when real hunger is not present. Hypnotherapy genuinely removes stress, and working through what causes stress. This helps to resolve past issues and allows your mind and body to work together naturally. You really can reduce the stress, lose the weight. This is what a recent client had to say: "I kept wondering why I could not lose weight no matter what [...]

Diabetic weight loss programme

  Clients are losing weight successfully with a new diabetic weight loss programme I have devised. This is particularly helpful for people whose metabolism is functioning less than it should be. Combined with hypnosis to re-programme your thoughts, this 4 session programme helps to get into good ways of thinking about food without starving. Other forms of weight loss programmes have limited success: Slimming clubs - often do not help with changing psychological issues Lighter Life or similar - gets the weight off quickly by starving you of the foods you like. The problem is when you eat normally again, [...]