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There are many coaches out there who think they coach people by telling them what to do, behaving like a guru. The true meaning of coaching is someone who can inspire you to create solutions that are beneficial for you. The problem with gurus is that what might be good for them may not necessarily be good for you. You might like the idea that someone can ‘fix’ your life, but the truth is they cannot. Only you can make positive changes in your thought processes.

So how do you go about finding a life and or business coach and what kind of things can you expect from the sessions?

Firstly, coaching is not therapy, as in counselling or hypnotherapy.

Neither is it giving advice. There may be options or suggestions that are presented to you, but mostly it is facilitating your own thought processes. Coaching is not mentoring, and whilst being mentored can be a great way of developing more skills by listening to a mentor who is successful, coaching is more of way of you drawing on your own resources.

So who needs coaching?

Anyone who would like to explore better ways of living, whether it is lifestyle changes, wanting to get fitter, or even to improve relationships both in the workplace or personally.

It can be extremely useful for people who want to manage their teams better, and increase their confidence within the workplace. It is also a useful way to understand people in a different way and change some perspectives.

People find that coaching helps them to manage their emotions more easily and changing strategies in life that bring more rewards.

I thought coaching was about someone telling me what I was doing wrong, and telling me how I should do it. Maybe that was based on sports coaching where it still happens that the coach shouts at the team, thinking that it will improve their game. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was none of those things, but more of way to develop my skills and be able to think things through more clearly. I like many other people who have turned to coaching, know how much it improves our lives and find regular coaching very helpful.

So, if you are looking to:

  • Harness your brain power
  • Have physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Deal with stressful situations more effectively
  • Be more clear on your goals which are realistic
  • Develop skills to coach others
  • Influence others
  • Choose to be successful
  • And many more ways of how coaching can help you

Then give me a call and find out how coaching can help you.

I am a fully certified coach, having achieved a Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management through ConsultEast Ltd, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).






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