Looking after your mental health

What really is depression? There are so many levels of what might be termed depression. Who hasn't got up in the morning and looked out to a grey sky and rain, and felt a bit depressed? Sun and blue sky makes us feel better straight away. That's just feeling a bit down in the dumps, but something happens and then we feel better. The next level of depression could be when we are experiencing severe anxiety, and we have not found a solution to our problems. We might go on for some time feeling miserable. Nothing makes us feel better. We [...]

Relationship Guru?

Just this week there was a new drama Wanderlust on BBC. This was nothing like real therapy. I laughed as the therapist is called Joy. Relationship Guru? I don't think so. She did nothing to create good rapport with a couple she saw, and sat quietly whilst the man really struggled to talk about what had gone wrong. During my sessions, my main aim is to create rapport in a comfortable and safe environment, and confidentiality is a must. Are you looking to find a way of improving your relationship, and creating the spark again, or making a decision to [...]

Reduce the stress, lose the weight

If you are stressed and worried, then losing weight can be difficult. For some, stress stops them eating and reduces appetite. For others though, stress makes them eat more, either bingeing or eating at inappropriate times, and eating when real hunger is not present. Hypnotherapy genuinely removes stress, and working through what causes stress. This helps to resolve past issues and allows your mind and body to work together naturally. You really can reduce the stress, lose the weight. This is what a recent client had to say: "I kept wondering why I could not lose weight no matter what [...]