Help young people to stop smoking

I was listening to Radio Norfolk yesterday about an initiative to help young people to stop smoking. Young people are not interested in the risks of smoking unfortunately because we probably all have felt invincible at times. It's only when we get older we start to worry about the effects of any damaging things we have done to ourselves. What concerned me most though was there seemed to be conflicting advice about what GPs are telling patients. Some said if pregnant women felt anxious about stopping smoking they should continue. This advice seemed to be ridiculous. What doctor in their [...]

E-cigarettes lead to chronic lung conditions

Just in case you think that electronic cigarettes are better for you than tobacco, there is now evidence that e-cigarettes lead to chronic lung conditions and also affecting the cells in the body. See this article I have seen quite a few clients who have begun to have panic attacks and general anxiety. It would appear that the anxiety began when smoking electronic cigarettes. Perhaps it would be better to stop all forms of smoking, whether it is habitual or psychological. If you'd like to stop smoking now, call me on 01603 712704 or visit my website

Stop Smoking offer for January

If you have made up your mind that it is now time to stop smoking, then why not take advantage of this special offer. Instead of my usual charge of £185, for January only I am offering this for £150. You will receive two hypnosis sessions, after which you will take away a CD which will then reinforce your new beliefs as a non-smoker. You have a guarantee that if you return to smoking for any reason within two years, you are entitled to return for another session – free of charge. How many other therapists offer you such a [...]

Smoking – stop and stay stopped for good

You say you enjoy smoking, but you know most of the time you don't. You hate the stale smell you can taste and others can smell. Each time you have a cigarette, you are reminded on some conscious or unconscious level, that it is harming you. You are self harming. You became addicted for one reason or another, and easily got into it, but are not finding it so easy to stop. You don't like the idea that smoking controls you, and makes you do what it says you should do. You would like to be free from it. Released [...]

Hypnotherapy is the best way to stop smoking

Stoptober is a Department of Health campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days during the month of October. The premise is that after abstaining for this period of time, individuals are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently. But if you really want to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy is the best and most effective way. This article by the National Council for Hypnotherapy explains why - click here to read more Give me a call on 01603 712704 if you'd like to stop smoking now, or visit my website

No Smoking Day

No smoking day I just noticed that yesterday was No Smoking Day. Are you getting anti smoking fatigue? If so ... We all know the dangers of smoking, well there probably are a few people who don't, but I wonder if we deny what is really going on inside our body, and just hope we won't be one of those people who succumb to smoking related diseases. In the 1960s there was a documentary on TV about the effects of smoking and they showed a diseased lung. Many of us smoked at that time and we all panicked about seeing [...]

Stopping smoking reduces stress

Stopping smoking reduces stress (Daily Mail) Stopping smoking does reduce stress. Smoking causes depression and anxiety. The vicious circle though is when you try to stop smoking, you become anxious because you are addicted to smoking. The news is that smoking can cause breast cancer. Have we become immune to all these scares? You mig be saying that you will take your chances on life. That's an option, but if you do want to live longer and not have a smoking related disease which are nasty to say the least, then you will want to stop smoking as easily as [...]