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The answer to whether it is easy to have a career as a hypnotherapist is no. Some training providers, through their clever advertising, would have you believe it is. They will tempt you with how much you could make per hour, and even more cleverly forget to mention that it takes hard work to make a career as a successful therapist.

These providers will lure you in with false claims just to get your money. Some people fall for this because maybe they are fed up with the job they have, and have dreams of helping people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help people, but you have some hard work ahead if you want to be successful.

I have always been honest with my students and will discuss what it takes to make a business work. It’s pointless having certificates on the wall if you have no clients. Before embarking on this amazing career, consider these points.

Make sure you have the correct training. Anyone can say you get a diploma, but is it one that the provider just prints off for you?

Is the training provider assessed themselves and are the students honestly accredited? Students’ assignments and case studies should be reviewed either by the body the training provider belongs to, or by the awarding body. Sadly many students’ work is not assessed by anyone other than the trainer. This is not enough to genuinely say that the student has completed their assignments and case studies to a satisfactory level.

When considering a business, do you have the resources to pay for a good website and advertising for your business? Are you able to create CDs or MP3s for clients and anything else to create the business?

Have you got time to really promote your business? Talks to groups such as Rotary, WI, Mums and toddler groups etc. This is a way to get known and create relationships with people.

Can you be realistic without falling for any training provider hype? Just because you qualify does not mean that clients will be beating a path to your door. I spent two years talking to anyone who would listen about the positive effects of hypnotherapy and NLP. I wrote articles for newspapers and magazines, spoke on Radio Norfolk, and went to many very early breakfast meetings to give presentations. I asked clients to spread the word, and they did so willingly. Clients who have transformed their lives through hypnotherapy are only too willing to help you.

Of course social media was not around when I qualified 18 years ago, so it does help to have a business page for your services. Word of mouth is the best way to gain business, so those people who you have helped will be your best advertising.

Making your website look attractive and appealing is a must. It’s too easy for people to click on and then off a site. Further training and specialising can also bring business to you.

Let me know what you think about this.