Preparing our room ready for safe working and maintaining social distancing

We are able to see clients now as we have moved our therapy room so that we have plenty of space between us. We also follow strict social distancing and health protocols which we ask clients to sign so that we are both protected. It is a lovely space overlooking the garden.

Looking after your mental health

What really is depression? There are so many levels of what might be termed depression. Who hasn't got up in the morning and looked out to a grey sky and rain, and felt a bit depressed? Sun and blue sky makes us feel better straight away. That's just feeling a bit down in the dumps, but something happens and then we feel better. The next level of depression could be when we are experiencing severe anxiety, and we have not found a solution to our problems. We might go on for some time feeling miserable. Nothing makes us feel better. We [...]

Warning – the side effects of hypnotherapy

If you’ve ever thought about visiting a hypnotherapist, you may have wondered about the possible side effects of hypnotherapy. Most of the drugs we take have side effects which need to be understood. Hopefully the side effects are more than compensated for by the positive effects of the drug. So what are the positive side effects of hypnotherapy? During hypnosis, sometimes people: feel a lightness or heaviness feel a tingling or dissociation from the body laughing These are all normal effects which show that the therapy is working. Most of the time you will just feel relaxed and in a [...]

Change your career and improve your life

Looking for a change of career or to add to your existing skills? Have you considered hypnotherapy and NLP? Taught by one of the most experienced hypnotherapists and trainers in East Anglia, our Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP training course will teach you all the skills you need to help people with anxiety or other emotional problems. At the same time you can improve your own life by using those new skills on yourself. We are currently accepting a limited number of new students on our bespoke Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP training programme. Contact us to talk about how this training [...]

Relationship Guru?

Just this week there was a new drama Wanderlust on BBC. This was nothing like real therapy. I laughed as the therapist is called Joy. Relationship Guru? I don't think so. She did nothing to create good rapport with a couple she saw, and sat quietly whilst the man really struggled to talk about what had gone wrong. During my sessions, my main aim is to create rapport in a comfortable and safe environment, and confidentiality is a must. Are you looking to find a way of improving your relationship, and creating the spark again, or making a decision to [...]

Couple relocate therapy business to Gorleston – their dog’s favourite seaside town

Here is a link to the story just published in the Eastern Daily Press about why we have now moved our Training and Hypnotherapy business to Gorleston //

Past Life Regression

Do you believe in past life regression? For some people they do believe they have lived before. Whether it’s a feeling of deja vu or experiencing a connection with places or people, it feels like they have lived before this life. Sceptics might say that people who believe in a past life are not fulfilled in this life, and perhaps it gives them a sense of purpose to think they have lived before. That they are making it up like a story that they would have liked to have lived. Perhaps whoever they have been in another life was important, [...]

Is it easy to have a career as a hypnotherapist?

  The answer to whether it is easy to have a career as a hypnotherapist is no. Some training providers, through their clever advertising, would have you believe it is. They will tempt you with how much you could make per hour, and even more cleverly forget to mention that it takes hard work to make a career as a successful therapist. These providers will lure you in with false claims just to get your money. Some people fall for this because maybe they are fed up with the job they have, and have dreams of helping people. There is [...]

What do you need to give up?

What do you need to give up? Do you often think you should be giving up something? Often you might think of giving up certain foods, or giving up eating too much. Sometimes overeating can be a symptom of other issues that could be going on in your life. Examples could be conflict either in work, with family or friends. When we feel stressed, or unable to deal with the conflict, or even be forced to continue relationships with those people you would rather give up. Many people say when they end a relationship they feel a huge release. They have [...]

What happens when you complete the course?

Many newly qualified therapists wonder what happens when you complete the course and can feel a lack of confidence when starting their new practice. They are concerned that they may not remember all the things they have learned. It’s particularly true if you are learning hypnotherapy and NLP at the same time. That is, if you are learning a recognised NLP course and not just a few techniques that have been included in a hypnotherapy course. There is a lot to remember and recall when undertaking a professionally accredited NLP course. It’s best to take one step at a time, [...]