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What do you need to give up? Do you often think you should be giving up something? Often you might think of giving up certain foods, or giving up eating too much. Sometimes overeating can be a symptom of other issues that could be going on in your life. Examples could be conflict either in work, with family or friends. When we feel stressed, or unable to deal with the conflict, or even be forced to continue relationships with those people you would rather give up.

Many people say when they end a relationship they feel a huge release. They have resolved the conflict at an unconscious level, so they feel peaceful. When they feel peaceful again, the symptoms disappear.

It’s not easy to just jack in our job, or stop talking to a relation, because it takes it takes strength and confidence to be able to do it. So we continue feeling more and more stressed.

The people who do recognise that a relationship is harmful to their well being, seem to find the courage to end it. You can always tell if a relationship is not good for you or them either.

When you are with them you feel empty inside and you may even experience your stomach churning. Perhaps you have noticed that you eat more either before you meet them or after you have left them.

You feel a lack of mental and physical energy either with them ,or when you think about them.

You feel angry inside and incapable of getting how you feel out of your system. Therefore you eat more to suppress your emotions.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to give up the things or people you just don’t need in your life.

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