choosing a new career

What makes people think about choosing a new career or changing direction? It might be a feeling of being unfulfilled in their present job, or just knowing that they could be doing something more useful with their lives.

I know for me it was both of those things. Up until the age of 50, I was never happy in any of the jobs I was in. From being an area manager, to owning my own business, there was always something missing. As I did not know what was missing, I never looked to find out what it was. Just continued on with a mundane kind of work existence. Luckily, although it might seem a strange choice of word, I became ill with real physical symptoms and anxiety, which then led to lack of confidence.

This was to be a journey seeking out ways to improve my health, which then by total coincidence, or even the universe directing me, I suddenly found a book about self-hypnosis. I read it in three hours and booked an appointment with a hypnotherapist.

That quickly helped me with the anxieties and also the medical problems too. From the first session I knew that this was the career I was looking for. I did not want to be a counsellor, I wanted to be able to help people quickly and help them find solutions to their problems. Hypnotherapy and NLP did just that for me, so I trained as quickly as I could and carried on training throughout my 18-year career.

It has been, and still is, the most rewarding career I have ever had. To be part of changing someone’s life for the better is incredible.

I realised that to help someone to change does not need a degree. You just need to have a desire to help people, feel passionate about your life and others too, and even if you don’t feel passionate about your life right now, you would when you had finished training.

Therapists are a work in progress all the time, so we are never fixed. We just know how to help ourselves, and others too.

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