Fears over public speaking

"My speech went as planned and no problems at all. Afterwards a number of people came up to say how they liked my speech. I very much appreciate your time and patience." Sometimes, fears of giving a speech or presentation can fill people with dread and foreboding. It becomes a 'what if' scenario, thinking of things that can go wrong. Making pictures in our mind of us forgetting what to say. and the audience looking embarrassed and uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be this way, as the methods good hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners will tell you. I not only use [...]

Are you afraid of therapy?

Some people live with anxiety, stress and fears almost as if it just a normal part of life and they have to accept. People who are afraid of therapy may be thinking - What if it opens up a can of worms? What if it doesn't work for them? It's enough to make people afraid of tackling their demons, and so they put it off, hoping that perhaps one day they will feel better. Often that day never comes. For anyone contemplating therapy, first do your research. You may feel apprehensive. Perhaps not knowing what would be expected from you. [...]