Relationship Guru?

Just this week there was a new drama Wanderlust on BBC. This was nothing like real therapy. I laughed as the therapist is called Joy. Relationship Guru? I don't think so. She did nothing to create good rapport with a couple she saw, and sat quietly whilst the man really struggled to talk about what had gone wrong. During my sessions, my main aim is to create rapport in a comfortable and safe environment, and confidentiality is a must. Are you looking to find a way of improving your relationship, and creating the spark again, or making a decision to [...]

What do you need to give up?

What do you need to give up? Do you often think you should be giving up something? Often you might think of giving up certain foods, or giving up eating too much. Sometimes overeating can be a symptom of other issues that could be going on in your life. Examples could be conflict either in work, with family or friends. When we feel stressed, or unable to deal with the conflict, or even be forced to continue relationships with those people you would rather give up. Many people say when they end a relationship they feel a huge release. They have [...]

Depression and anger have lasting effects on teenagers

This article from the Daily Mail says that depression and anger as a teenager can affect your love life 25 years later // If you or anyone you know is affected by this issue I can help  

How much is your relationship worth

How much is your relationship worth Is your relationship worth £5 10 or 20? Morrisons had a wide shelf of roses all different prices. Is there an assumption that the worth of the relationship is worth what you pay? Relationships will always be a work in progress. You can't take them for granted. When you do they start falling apart. A friend told me that she found that some people only focus on the negatives in any relationships, and forget to look at the bigger picture. When people do this to you, they are not worth your time and energy. [...]