Getting facts right

It’s always good to read in the EDP that someone is interested in hypnotherapy, but one fact was incorrect. The UEA does not hold courses in hypnotherapy. What it does do is hire rooms out to companies who train there. Sadly some people believe that they are being university trained when that is not the case.

Great marketing from a business point of view, but incorrect to make the assumption that it is a university course. Anyone contemplating studying hypnotherapy whether it is called a ‘hypnotherapy’ or ‘clinical hypnotherapy’ ( same thing), should do research in what kind of provider they are looking for. Some courses offer 12 days training for a year and then leave you to study on your own with no supervision. If the man in the EDP article wants to be trained properly and with real external accreditations, he should research the subject very carefully.

What is now referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ in hypnotherapy training, is the NCFE and National Council for Hypnotherapy. Anything less may not be good enough for clients.