What does it take to become a good therapist?

Well, it’s a question that hopefully anyone who embarks on any training will ask themselves and ask the training provider what they think what it takes to be a good therapist. For me, I think it takes empathy, which is completely different from sympathy. Sympathy you can get from friends and family who may give you a hug, make a cup of tea and tell you everything will be all right. Empathy from a therapist means you’ve actually understanding here a client is coming from, the belief systems and the values they have. So empathy is really important and of [...]

One to one training

I first began one to one training in November last year. In that time I have noticed so many positive things about being able to train one to one in the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and NLP certification. The benefits are so numerous and these are the things my students and I have seen. You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone else. It's just you and the trainer. You get 100% attention and can ask any questions, even if at times they may seem silly, as you know you are not being judged in any way. You get to choose the [...]

Fears over public speaking

"My speech went as planned and no problems at all. Afterwards a number of people came up to say how they liked my speech. I very much appreciate your time and patience." Sometimes, fears of giving a speech or presentation can fill people with dread and foreboding. It becomes a 'what if' scenario, thinking of things that can go wrong. Making pictures in our mind of us forgetting what to say. and the audience looking embarrassed and uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be this way, as the methods good hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners will tell you. I not only use [...]

Past student in East Anglian Daily Times article

Read here about how Tanya, a past student, changed her life after completing our Hypnotherapy and NLP training course. Contact us on 01603 712704 or visit our website www.joygower.co.uk/training for more details