Here’s a thought. Try going the next hour or 30 minutes or even 15 minutes only thinking in the present moment. Easy? Difficult?

Bet you will struggle with this because most people are thinking about the past or the future more than the present. This gives you an idea why some people can be anxious all the time if they think about a past which for them is not so good.

Consider this: How many times do you go over conversations you have had previously? Are you reliving the conversations? You know – “Well, she said this, this and this, and I’m not sure if she meant that, that and that.” And you are probably making a picture of the person or people you are thinking about.

I once bought something for the house which turned out to be a mistake. What’s the point in going over and over the mistake? I can’t go back and undo it, and I hope not to make the same mistake in the future, but what about now?

Am I writing this and concentrating on my pen ? (hand writing to begin with as the pen flows mightier that the keyboard!)
Am I looking at the lines on the paper and noticing each word and how it looked? Or am I thinking about something that happened an hour, week, year or 5 years ago? If I am, is it useful? Can it help me? Yes, if it is positive or fun, or brings about pleasant feelings. No, if it causes anxiety or self-doubt and puts me in a bad mood.

I don’t need to think of the prat who pulled out from the side road into the main road causing me to brake hard. I can still call him a prat or worse right there and then in the moment. Be thankful no harm was done and forget it.

It really is not easy to just be in the moment. If you must think about the past, make it pleasant. Think of all the good things you do, and the people who are kind to you. Our brains are not wired to be negative. You just got to learn to be negative. You just learn how to do it. Have a go at re-learning to think much more pleasant thoughts.

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