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Are you afraid of therapy?

Some people live with anxiety, stress and fears almost as if it just a normal part of life and they have to accept. People who are afraid of therapy may be thinking - What if it opens up a can of worms? What if it doesn't work for them? It's enough to make people afraid of tackling their demons, and so they put it off, hoping that perhaps one day they will feel better. Often that day never comes. For anyone contemplating therapy, first do your research. You may feel apprehensive. Perhaps not knowing what would be expected from you. [...]

Thinking about the past or the future

Here's a thought. Try going the next hour or 30 minutes or even 15 minutes only thinking in the present moment. Easy? Difficult? Bet you will struggle with this because most people are thinking about the past or the future more than the present. This gives you an idea why some people can be anxious all the time if they think about a past which for them is not so good. Consider this: How many times do you go over conversations you have had previously? Are you reliving the conversations? You know - "Well, she said this, this and this, [...]

Stop Smoking offer for January

If you have made up your mind that it is now time to stop smoking, then why not take advantage of this special offer. Instead of my usual charge of £185, for January only I am offering this for £150. You will receive two hypnosis sessions, after which you will take away a CD which will then reinforce your new beliefs as a non-smoker. You have a guarantee that if you return to smoking for any reason within two years, you are entitled to return for another session – free of charge. How many other therapists offer you such a [...]

Diabetic weight loss programme

  Clients are losing weight successfully with a new diabetic weight loss programme I have devised. This is particularly helpful for people whose metabolism is functioning less than it should be. Combined with hypnosis to re-programme your thoughts, this 4 session programme helps to get into good ways of thinking about food without starving. Other forms of weight loss programmes have limited success: Slimming clubs - often do not help with changing psychological issues Lighter Life or similar - gets the weight off quickly by starving you of the foods you like. The problem is when you eat normally again, [...]

Smoking – stop and stay stopped for good

You say you enjoy smoking, but you know most of the time you don't. You hate the stale smell you can taste and others can smell. Each time you have a cigarette, you are reminded on some conscious or unconscious level, that it is harming you. You are self harming. You became addicted for one reason or another, and easily got into it, but are not finding it so easy to stop. You don't like the idea that smoking controls you, and makes you do what it says you should do. You would like to be free from it. Released [...]

Pfizer is trying hide the truth about smoking cessation drug

Pfizer is trying to hide the truth about smoking cessation drug Champix. Many people, when they decide to stop smoking, turn to somebody they can trust… their doctor. So when your doctor prescribes a smoking cessation drug like Champix (or Chantix in the US), you probably hope that it will be the answer to finally kick the habit for good. What you don’t hope for (and probably don’t even think about!) is memory loss, depression, erratic behaviour and suicidal thoughts… to mention but a few of the most common side effects associated with Champix. The article lists the potential side [...]

Hypnotherapy is the best way to stop smoking

Stoptober is a Department of Health campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days during the month of October. The premise is that after abstaining for this period of time, individuals are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently. But if you really want to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy is the best and most effective way. This article by the National Council for Hypnotherapy explains why - click here to read more Give me a call on 01603 712704 if you'd like to stop smoking now, or visit my website www.joygower.co.uk

Past student in East Anglian Daily Times article

Read here about how Tanya, a past student, changed her life after completing our Hypnotherapy and NLP training course. Contact us on 01603 712704 or visit our website www.joygower.co.uk/training for more details

Joy and Bev/Tina on Radio Norfolk

Listen to Joy Gower and Bev Bishop's Radio Norfolk interview with Stephen Bumphrey. Bev talked about her interest in hypnotherapy and NLP, and why she is joining our next Hypnotherapy and NLP course starting on September 27th. She also talked about how she will use her new skills with her alter-ego, Tina Bradshaw. There is still time to join this course. Contact us on 01603 712704 or go to www.joygower.co.uk/training for more details.

Tina Bradshaw on Radio Norfolk

Listen to Bev Bishop, aka Tina Bradshaw, discussing hypnotherapy and NLP and the course she is about to undertake. I will be there too, so it should be a lively discussion. Radio Norfolk, Tuesday 16 September at about 3 pm with Stephen Bumfrey. Our new course starts on 27 September at the Oasis Sports and Leisure Centre in Thorpe. If you would like to find out more call us on 01603 712704 or go to www.joygower.co.uk/training